Another Weight Loss Update

Tonight, I will be going to Weight Watchers with Annie and her sisters. I think I will be up, and probably a good three or four pounds. I took a week off from my weight loss journey this week, and while I didn’t track my weekend, I did track everything else, and I wasn’t really over in points. I used my daily points, almost exactly each day. I had a few points where I was over, and that just went into my weekly points I’m allowed.

So I didn’t really go off plan by any stretch, but I used all of what I was allowed to. I didn’t walk much this week, only having gotten in two thirty minute walks.

I will update this post this evening when I get back, and I’m also hoping to get back on track this week, and start working on it again. Sometimes, it feels more like a battle than a lifestyle choice. It isn’t fun being fat, feeling fat, but I know that if I persist, then if nothing else, I won’t get heavier than I was before. Getting over three hundred pounds again scares me.

Here’s hoping the rest of this week goes well, and that my weight doesn’t go up too much compared to last week.

Update: I’m up two pounds compared to last week. That seems totally impossible to me. I’m more than a little frustrated.

2 responses to “Another Weight Loss Update”

  1. I can completely understand your frustration.

    My fitbit has been my lifesaver in this situation. It tells me exactly how active I am, and it turned out that MFP was overestimating my calories by about 300-400 every single day, because even though I typed in that I have a sedentary lifestyle, it couldn’t decipher just how sedentary I actually meant. I’m not saying this method would work for you since we’re all so very different but I do know the pain you’re going through.

    After logging my food every single day for almost 300 days now, I’m 44 pounds down with another 44 to go. It’s daunting. Thankfully now the food logging is second nature, but there are days I ‘mess up’ and eat at maintenance instead of 500 below, days I just don’t want to, and that mental part of it has never gotten easier.

    I know you can do it. You have so much support around you.

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