Star Trek: Secrets – Page 7

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Exiting the turbolift, Leon was presented with a transparent hallway. His ship, the Raven, could be seen on the other side. It was long and sleek, looking like smaller, more aggressive Defiant class ship. It was built for speed, and stealth, but weapons were identifiable all over the hull.

“There it is. Pretty nice looking, eh?” Sean said. He walked forward and placed a hand on the window.

Leon started to feel excited at the prospect of having such a powerful ship under his control, one that would allow him to really make changes in the universe.

“Sean, it’s a bit small, isn’t it?”

“It could take on a Galaxy class and win, as well as all the equivalents from other races. It is faster than nearly anything, and could take a beating from a fleet of ships. You are lucky to have her!”

Leon could tell he hit a button, and placed his hand on Sean’s shoulder. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.” The pair of men moved towards the walkway that lead to the ship. “Are my crew already on board?”

Sean smiled wide. “Actually, they are still on the station. They don’t want to interact with any of my staff. They’ve all basically locked themselves in their quarters. I don’t really blame them. It will be the last time any of them have personal quarters. The Raven might be strong, but she isn’t spacious.”

Keeping a stoic face was difficult as Leon could sympathize with their discomfort, but he also wanted to be underway as soon as possible. “Please have someone announce to them that I want them aboard in the next hour to shove off.”

“We haven’t really had a chance to test everything. Are you sure you don’t want me, or one of my engineering crew to join you? We did build the ship, and no one will know her better.”

The conversation had dragged on for longer than he would have liked, and he could feel the energy draining from his mind as he tried to keep up appearances. It felt like he was putting on a play for Sean’s benefit. “I appreciate that, but I have to trust my crew. Also, I think you’ll be amazed at how much I’ve already learned about this ship, and I’ve had to repair the modifications you’ve made to Sherlock on more than a few occasions.”

As he paused and looked at his friend, he could see a sense of pride. He looked at the entrance to his ship, only a few feet away. “If you don’t mind, I would like to go it alone from here.”

“Of course Leon. I completely understand. Let me know if you need anything before you leave, and I’ll have my crew clear out immediately.”

The doors opened, and the smell of a fresh ship was stronger than he was expecting. The corridor was mostly blue and grey, similar to regulation Starfleet design. It was soft, welcoming and happy, and not at all what Leon was hoping for.

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