Visiting Family

This past weekend, Annie and I went to Kingston and I got to see some of my family. On Friday evening we arrived, and Kyle showed me the Hearthstone beta. I really enjoyed it and am psyched to get into the game, when I get a key…

On Saturday, we went to see Mark and Carly’s new place, and hang out with them for a bit. I had a great talk with Carly’s mom. Mark was a bit distracted because his Internet wasn’t working, but we did get to bond over how stupid the systems are in Canada for Internet options.

After that, Annie and I had dinner with my mom at Swiss Chalet, where I got a card from my Grandma and a card and candle from my mom. Both gave me a bit of money which, in hindsight, paid for the trip to visit. A trip that I needed more than I realized.

Saturday night, Annie and I took Kyle and Serina to see the new Thor 2 movie in AVX and we really enjoyed ourselves and the movie, except for an overzealous layer of butter that dripped from Annie’s popcorn onto my pants, jacket, and my forearms.

Sunday was a day of rest. Kyle and I played some more Hearthstone, and a little after one in the afternoon, we left to come back to Georgetown. The whole visit seemed like a whirlwind, and I definitely didn’t get enough time with anyone. I am definitely glad I went, and super appreciate Annie taking the time to drive us there and back.

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