My Idea for Man of Steel 2

I’m not a huge DC fan. I am not the best qualified to write out a script for Man of Steel 2, and I don’t have any special information or knowledge about the direction they want to take, but I still feel compelled to share my ideas on what I consider an ideal Man of Steel 2.

Superman has taken a life, and in doing so, he has serious regret. His choice cost him his heritage, his morals and a piece of his humanity. Because of this, he collects every piece of Kryptonian wreckage he can find and puts it all in his fortress of solitude. It is at this point, he finds a piece of Kryptonite which negates his powers, and poisons him slightly. He gets away from it, and then finds a way to contain it.

Over the course of the searching and balancing his life at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent, he starts struggling with his inner demons. He killed not only Zod, but thousands of innocent people in both Smallville and Metropolis in the struggle.

The media attacks Superman, painting him as an enemy of humanity and the US Government start trying to hunt him down in hopes of controlling him. Despite not being found, he then withdraws from society to reflect on what happened, hoping that he can find redemption or that in isolation, he can protect humanity. Lois tries to cover for him at the Planet.

A new enemy appears, and it is not Lexx Luthor! Again, this enemy is strong, seemingly invincible and has some motivation relating to destroying cities and dominating the world. The enemy isn’t that important.

Man of Steel 2 should not be focused on the exterior challenges, but instead, the interior ones. It is really Superman versus himself.

Superman has to decide if he wants to go back to the world that is crying out in pain. He is unsure of himself. What if he causes more destruction? We get to watch his anguish and frustration. Superman feeling emotionally weak. He finally, after much back and forth, comes up with a plan to stop the antagonist of the movie.

Rushing in, he is intercepted by Batman. Batman is working for the government and much like Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, Batman feels that these almost “godlike” people are a real threat. Batman, of course, doesn’t see Superman as a hero. We then have a situation where Superman wants to stop this big bad guy, while being interfered with by Batman.

Superman uses restraint in fighting Batman, and the aged Batman sees it as a tactical weakness. Batman tries a whole suite of methods to stop Superman, but they have little to no effect. Superman gives Batman a small chunk of Kryptonite and tells Batman what it does to him, thus putting his life in Batman’s hands in hopes of gaining his trust. The gambit works, and the two team up to take down the bad guy.

After the bad guy is contained, Batman uses the Kryptonite on Superman. He tests how good it works, gives a speech about Superman not caring for the lives he took. Batman puts the Kryptonite away and tells Superman to leave. Superman does. Soon after, there are then news reports all over the world of Superman saving random people.

2 responses to “My Idea for Man of Steel 2”

    • Thanks Tom. I’d love to take the time to flesh it out more. I really think that a personal journey as a middle ground towards building Superman as the leader of the JLA is important and it allows us as an audience to know why Superman doesn’t kill….

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