Friday Office in Georgetown

One of my favourite things to do in Ottawa when I lived there was to attend Friday Office with Tom Leroux. Since moving to Georgetown, I’ve continued the tradition, but it has changed slightly.

In Ottawa, it was mostly people attending to do work together and participate in the odd geeky conversation. In Georgetown, it is mostly family coming to unwind, hang out and interact. It is a nice showing of support, and I really appreciate them coming. I am still able to get a fair bit of work done at the St. George, but I definitely miss talking to geeky people.

Each week, I bring my laptop and get some work done while eating. The St. George has wireless Internet and doesn’t seem to mind me taking up a booth for three or four hours.

The experience of getting out of my apartment once a week definitely helps recharge me, and unwind. It can be a bit of an expense, and I’m bad at tracking such things, but the value is unquestionable.

If you work from home, finding a way to unwind is key. Tom was smart to start it, and I’m glad I’m continuing to spend a few hours each Friday at a pub where I can work and eat.

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