Weight Watchers Day Three Food

With the week ending, Friday is usually my worst eating day for two reasons. Firstly, I head to the St. George restaurant for Friday Office. I work from the pub, and eat pub food. Secondly, Friday night is usually more poor eating choices because I stay up late and get those night time cravings for carbohydrates. Yesterday was also really hard because I forgot to have any caffeine during the day, and suffered a horrible headache all evening. By the time I figured out what was probably going on, it was too late to drink anything with caffeine.

Over the course of the day, I used around 40 of my 61 points.

9 Points – Chocolate Milk
2 Points – Activa Yoghurt

6 Points – Chicken Fingers
8 Points – Cranberry Juice
0 Points – Sugar Snap Peas

15 Points – Steak
0 Points – Asparagus
0 Points – Large Green Apple x 2

I didn’t earn any new activity points as I didn’t track any of my activity as it was all under ten minutes at a time. Over the course of the day, I probably got in a good twenty or thirty minutes of walking, but that’s not really above my normal daily walking about. I didn’t find time to do a real walk due to the rain, but I wish I had.

Here’s hoping the weekend goes okay for food, and I’m able to show a good loss on Tuesday night.

Update: Just so you all know, I am also tracking on MyFitnessPal, and despite only using 40 of my 61 points, my calorie intake was around 2500 calories, 210 grams of carb, 95 grams of fat, and 135 grams of protein for the day. So I am not starving myself by any means.

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