Weight Watchers Day Two Food

On day one, I thought eating 61 points was going to be hard, but today, with some choices, I came 4 points away from reaching that limit. I don’t think I made any horrible choices, but a few things took far more points than I was expecting.

4 Points – Bacon (3 slices)
8 Points – Scrambled Eggs
5 Points – Coke

12 Points – Beef Ravioli
6 Points – 2% Milk
3 Points – Protein Powder
7 Points – Pepperoni Stick
0 Points – Sugar Snap Peas

12 Points – Pizza

Total: 57 Points

I also took the time to go for a twenty minute walk earning myself a further three activity points for the week. I now have 8 points from walking that I haven’t yet spent. Keep checking back if you’d like to see more food logs. I will update my weight for everyone after my official weigh-in on Tuesday. I hope this weekend goes well for food, as I’m using a lot of points right now. I can’t understand how someone can live on just 26 points per day.

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