It has been a long couple of weeks for this introvert. I’m absolutely drained today. Moving requires a great deal of effort. Feeling or thinking too much is out of the question. All I want to do is sleep. The stress I’ve been dealing with has caused me to have some chest pains and headaches again. Annie and I have been struggling a bit this week due to all the extra issues and emotions in our lives. It has been ruining sleeping patterns, wrecking diets, and just taking a toll overall.

Yesterday, we had a very nice Thanksgiving day that included some birthday celebrations. It was nice to get together but by the end of the evening, I wasn’t in the best of moods. My social battery was empty. I needed time alone to recharge.

Today, I’m sitting alone and for once, I wish I could drive and had a car, so that I could go to Chapters and read some magazines or go to the movies. Something where I was distracted from everything. Something outside my apartment.

I wish things were better.

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