Sickness and Passing Away

So, for those of you that don’t know, my fiancee’s family is struggling right now. Two of Annie’s family are in the hospital. One is likely nearing the end of his life, and the other suffered some mini-strokes. It has been a rough two weeks, and things aren’t over yet.

If you have been waiting for new Second Class Supers pages, you might have to wait a big longer.

Thankfully, Annie’s family is close knit and being there for each other to lean on as they go through all of their struggles. Despite having to go through a close call with Annie’s mom in the spring, I am still not used to sickness or the potential for someone to pass away. This has all been a strange learning experience. A few people have told my recently, “don’t worry, it isn’t always like this.” I am hoping they are right.

I have to admit to feeling pretty useless sometimes through all of this. I just keep trying my best to be there as much as possible. Thankfully, my job is really understanding.

One response to “Sickness and Passing Away”

  1. Unfortunately in times like these there is little we can actually do for those who are suffering. Being a support to Annie is more important that you may ever know and is far away from being useless. I was looking for more encouraging words for you, but I know this, these trials have beset our family for a long time and they are what make us strong. Know that we will be here for you when you need us.

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