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Kya couldn’t believe how easily she felt like she was fitting in with the owner of Classic Communication. She tried to keep her excitement in check as the interview wrapped up. Streams of coloured light bounced around the wide open, high ceilings from the stained glass windows. The room filled her spirit with a calm and happy energy.
Joanne finished her glass of water, and Kya noticed that she had barely sipped from her own. Not wanting to be rude, she grasped her glass and took a long, deep sip of the water. As she drank it down, Joanne grinned.
“Great stuff, isn’t it? We have all the taps on a reverse osmosis filter system. I just can’t get enough of it.” Joanne stood up, and Kya followed suit. “So, we will contact you in around two weeks after we finish interviewing the other candidates, and checking references.”

Kya’s heart began to race slightly at the mention of references. She thought they had already completed a reference check and hadn’t contacted Don Georgetown. She tried to search for a way to politely ask Joanne not to contact Starlife Technologies, but the moment to interject was over before she got a word out.
“You’ll hear from us either way.” Joanne said, ushering Kya through the large wooden doors. “I really appreciate you coming in today.” She extended her hand for Kya to shake, with a kind and genuine smile on her face.
The door closed behind Kya, and as she walked back to the apartment, she tried to focus on the positive aspects of the experience and in doing so, she was home in what felt like an instant. There was an excitement, an energy, surrounding her as she entered her bedroom and fell into her bed face first. She kicked off her shoes and started to pull off the interview clothes she was wearing. Breathing deeply, with her face still embedded into her pillows, she felt the weight of the makeup on her face. She lifted her head only to see some of the colour she had put around her eyes smeared on to her pillow.
“Ugh.” She moaned, and decided to go wash her face. She stood and walked to her door, making a mental note to put the pillowcase in her next load of laundry. The pillow smacked into the back of her head. “You know, I really hate you sometimes.”
“Hmm?” Sam said, from the door of his own bedroom.
Kya washed her face, recounting each question and answer she had given during the interview while being grateful that none of her Supers had manifested while she was out. She returned to her room to find her phone on her bed with the blinking light of a waiting text. Before she made a single step, the phone shot from the bed into her hand. The text was from Mattea.
>Doc put me on bed rest. Silly body doesn’t know what it’s doing.
>Wow, Mattie. That sucks. Anything I can do for you?
>I wouldn’t object if you wanted to come by and keep me company. Rory’s at work. If you can’t or whatever, I completely understand.
>I’ll be there soon.

Kya smiled at her phone. It was nice to be able to help her friend. She was also happy for the continued distraction. But she could also feel that her need to avoid dealing with her feelings over Amelia’s death was quickly taking over her life in a way she didn’t know how to resolve. At that fleeting thought of her friend, Kya felt the sting of tears in her eyes, and the familiar black fingers crossed her vision. The darkness let her know that even if someone were to enter her room, no one could see her cry. She tried to stifle any noise as she stood, slowly becoming comforted by the darkness.
She shuffled her feet as she tried to move towards her bedside table, where she knew a box of tissues awaited her. Despite being invisible, the dampness of her tears rushing down her face and her sinuses opening up, made her uncomfortable. Kya had to guess at her bearings and as sharp object hit her shin, she tumbled over her laundry basket causing her desk chair to roll as she hit it on her way to the floor. She flickered back into existence to find little drops of blood blossoming from her leg, and her baby finger bent at a strange angle. With her good hand Kya grabbed her shin and put pressure on the scrape. Cold seemed to seep from her hand to her leg, and when she removed her hand, the scrape had vanished and so had the pain. While still half sitting, and half lying on the floor of her room, her hands both shook as she attempted to place her finger back into the proper place. The same coldness seemed to pass from her good hand into her finger and the pain immediately subsided.
The room seemed to spin around Kya as she tried to understand what had just happened. She sat on the floor, her mouth agape. She wheezed slightly as she reconciled her situation and quickly did a self-check making sure nothing else was injured.
“Kya?” Sam was standing at her door and looked down on her. “Is everything okay? I heard a crash.” As he finished speaking, his face turned red.
Kya realized that in all the time they had lived together, Sam had never seen her in her underwear. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She stood slowly, slightly embarrassed, covering herself with a nearby blanket before shrugging. “Blind invisibility is a stupid power.”
Sam laughed. “Yep.”
Kya motioned to dust herself off and shot Sam a quick smile, not interested in revealing her new power to her roommate when she already had plans with Mattea.
Sam turned his attention back towards the kitchen. He grabbed a beer from the refrigerator. “Can I get you a beer too?” Sam shouted, his head still behind the large black fridge door.
“No thanks, I am heading out to Mattie’s this evening.” Kya grabbed some clothing from her closet, and tossed it on in a hurry. She slipped out of the apartment, closing the door just after she heard Sam shut the fridge. The bus came moments after Kya arrived at the stop, and she loaded on, sitting in her usual spot, a small grin on her face.

The bus stopped in front of the grocery store near Mattea’s house, and Kya got out. The sun setting in the distance and a chill was already in the air. She waited for what felt like hours for the light to change so she could cross the street. The streetlights were already on as she walked down tree lined streets. Mattea’s house was one in a long line of bungalows on a short street. The front of Mattea’s house was a mixture of red brick and white stone slabs. A big window was on one side of the front door, and a porch with two wooden deck chairs and a table was on the other side. Three separate gardens hugged the front of the house and looked like they were tended by someone who didn’t much enjoy gardening. The driveway was noticeably missing Mattea’s car.
Kya knocked on already unlocked front door as she opened it. “Hey, Mattie. I’m here.”

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