Quick Description: My Apartment in Georgetown

After posting about houses (Looking at Houses), someone asked me what my apartment was like. I’d take some pictures and use those to show you all, but the place is a a bit of a mess right now, not that it looks nice even when cleaned up.

It is a bachelor apartment on the second story of a two story building. It sits above a convenience store in, what is considered to be, the downtown of Georgetown. It is approximately twelve feet wide for the most part, and around thirty-six feet long. Including closets, it gives me around five hundred square feet to live in. It is an older building, with older appliances, a kitchen that hasn’t been updated in at least a decade, and has zero ceiling lights in the living room/bedroom/office.

It uses electric baseboard heating combined with forced air registers to keep me warm. Unfortunately, the temperature control isn’t in my apartment, and so it has been too warm for me all summer long when my air conditioner isn’t running. Thankfully, I don’t pay for electricity and winter is coming, otherwise was checking for ideas at breckinridgeheatingandcooling.com, they provide exactly the service I need.

The carpet was heavily stained when I moved in, but Annie rented a steam cleaner, and we worked on it. The low pile brown carpet is still worn, but at least it “feels” less dirty. The flooring in the kitchen and hallway area by the bathroom is stained, old, chipped tiles that have long since needed to be replaced.

The walls are all white, with some marks, scratches, and noticeable patches. There are two medium sized windows at one end of the apartment looking out on to the street. Thankfully, they came with thick blinds as they face towards the rising sun.

Overall, it is dingy, old, and small. I pay almost the same as what I paid in Ottawa, and I don’t have access to the same quality of conveniences. It is an apartment, and it will do, but by no means am I living the high life despite paying nearly two thirds of what I paid on my mortgage each month when I was a home owner…

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy that I live so close to my fiancee, and I’m doubly happy to not be living in someone’s basement. I just wish the apartment I ended up in was a bit nicer, or at least a little cheaper.

2 responses to “Quick Description: My Apartment in Georgetown”

    • Other than the stuff I needed unpacked, the rest is still sitting in boxes in what should be the “dining” space. I don’t really expect to stay in this apartment beyond the one year lease, but we will see what happens…

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