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So recently, I started helping out with Annie’s church’s website. A new priest started working at Holy Cross a few months back, and I noted that the website hadn’t been updated with his information. After talking to him a few times, it looked like they couldn’t get the details they needed from their previous web developer, and as such, they were feeling stuck.

I took it upon myself to get it all organized so they could make the simple changes they were looking for. First, they tried to contact their web developer one more time with no response. I then spent some time finding out who was hosting the website, and who had the domain registration control. The web host was of little help, but the company that controlled the domain responded immediately.

Working with them, we were able to copy the site over, and move it to their servers. I was given FTP access, and have been able to make minor changes and updates to the site as needed.

I’m considering moving their current design over to WordPress so that the Secretary can easily manage the site content going forward. I just need to find some time to get it done for them and then some time to train her on WordPress. Should be a nice little side project for me to work on in the small bits of time between work, writing Second Class Supers and spending time with Annie and family.

2 responses to “Church Website”

    • Nope, that picture was there before me. The whole design hasn’t changed, I’m just updating details. When I move it over to WordPress, the design will still mostly look the same too… Just trying to help out and make things easier for them.

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