Moves Throughout My Life

Just for fun, I thought I would post all of the moves I’ve made in my life as it has been more than a few.

  1. Born – Kingston, Ontario
  2. Masset, British Columbia
  3. Behind K-Mart – Ottawa, Ontario
  4. Military Base – Ottawa, Ontario
  5. Masset, British Columbia
  6. Inkerman, Ontario
  7. Gma’s House – Kingston, Ontario
  8. Gma’s Apartment – Kingston, Ontario
  9. Gma’s Other Apt – Kingston, Ontario
  10. London, Ontario
  11. Mom’s Apartment – Ottawa, Ontario
  12. Riverside Drive – Ottawa, Ontario
  13. Springbank Drive – Ottawa, Ontario
  14. London, Ontario
  15. St. Thomas, Ontario
  16. Walkerton, Ontario
  17. Brockville, Ontario
  18. Ottawa, Ontario
  19. Georgetown, Ontario

I will probably have at least one or two more before settling down for the long haul. With 18 moves in 30 years on this list, that means after my next move, even if I stay in one spot for the next ten years before moving again, I’ll still have an average of one move every two years. It seems doubly funny to me because I spent a total of eight years in British Columbia, and six years in Inkerman.

How many moves have you made in your life?

2 responses to “Moves Throughout My Life”

  1. Born in Burlington,
    lived on Woodward Ave, Hamilton
    then Churchill Ave Burlington 5 years
    5 Murray St Grimsby with GramE – 5 months
    Centre St. Shelburne – 14 years
    Murray St Grimsby with GramE – 6 years
    Woodsview Ave Grimsby – 10 years
    Glancaster Rd. Mount Hope – 1999 to present

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