Being a Nurse

The last two days, my fiancee has been having increasingly bad tooth pain.

Last night, I tried my best to help her using an alternating mix of Tylenol and Advil. We also tried swishing with salt water, eating only soft foods, and brushing with special sensitivity reducing toothpaste, but none of it really helped. She went to bed feeling horrible, and I felt horrible for her. There was little I could do other than keep her distracted, and as positive as possible.

This morning, I woke up early to her letting me know that she didn’t get to sleep during the night. Unfortunately, I’m a log once I’m asleep and didn’t hear her complaining during the night about her pain. One minute before eight, I called the local dentist office and scheduled an emergency appointment to have it looked at. Thankfully, they got us in at half past eight in the morning, and helped figure out the issue. She found out that she needs a root canal on one of her molars and an impacted wisdom tooth extracted due to infection.

For now, she is on Tylenol 3’s, and antibiotics, but she still feels horrible. I wish I could help her more. I’m trying to keep her comfortable, but it is hard because she is either really drugged up on the Tylenol 3’s or in pain. I am hoping that the antibiotics help her quickly, and she’s able to manage her pain until then. I am not used to feeling so useless while someone I love suffers. I can’t wait until she gets back to normal, and I don’t think I would make a good nurse.

3 responses to “Being a Nurse”

  1. Ah, wisdom teeth. If she has any others, they should get those at the same time – save herself some trouble down the road.

    Rest up!

    • I think this is her last one. They left it because it is sideways under the gum line so it will have to be extracted and they didn’t see the point unless it caused her trouble, which is now has. Unfortunately, she is allergic to anaesthetic… I feel really bad for her… the process isn’t going to be easy or fun.

  2. Honestly, the freezing they will have to give me next week for the procedure is what freaks me out the most.
    David, you have been awesome. I’m sorry that you have to see me at my worst, but hey… When we get married, it will be for better or worse.

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