Finally Upgraded to Mountain Lion

So I finally updated my Macbook Pro laptop to Mountain Lion, and I think so far it’s pretty good. One strange issue I’ve been having is that Google Chrome loads pages without their JavaScript or CSS the first time I go to a site. But a quick refresh later and everything seems to be working correctly.

One of the cool additions is the ability to transcribe audio being built into the operating system. This blog post is actually written using this new built-in piece of dictation software. I’m a little frustrated with how it handles certain things but overall I think it would be a nice addition to working on various pieces of content for my blog.

Why did it take me so long to update? Well, I usually wait a while before I update any piece of software including things like WordPress so that I am more “safe” in terms of how many bugs are remaining. Also, there wasn’t really many features that I needed in Mountain Lion, so there was little reason to upgrade. The dictation ability was really kind of the big thing that pushed me towards updating. I have to admit the low price of the upgrade was also a great thing for me as most of the software for dictation was more expensive than the upgrade for Mac OS.

Unlike other people, I don’t find this new version to be any faster or easier to use. I’m sure it will come with its own set of quirks and issues, but I’m hoping overall the experience will be better.

If there is some amazing feature that I should know about, please let me know in the comments section.

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