My Weight Lately

My weight lately has definitely gone up. I haven’t been eating well, and drinking away a bunch of calories. I’ve tried to make it easy for myself, but I’ve just been doing a poor job. I have a bunch of healthy food in my freezer, but haven’t done the dishes to cook any of it.

I am not sure yet how to shake myself out of this funk, and get back on track. I really want to get healthier, but I’m super lazy about it. I go through periods where I can muster the energy and focus to work on weight loss, and then I go through long periods where I just don’t.

I am still hopeful that by this summer, I’ll meet my goal of being able to buy pants at most clothing stores that sell menswear by fitting into a size 38 or 40 pants and XL versus XXL shirts.

I may have to go back to counting calories, and trying to get my daily carbohydrates under 100 grams per day. That seemed to work well for me, except when I’m too lazy to cook chicken and wash and cut veggies.

Previously, when I was at the height of focus, I lost nearly thirty pounds over the course of three months, and if I could rock that kind of focus again, and drop another thirty in three months, I will meet my goal.

I guess the hard part is just making it happen. I know it’s an excuse, but it doesn’t help living over a convenience store. The summer farmer’s market can’t start soon enough.

4 responses to “My Weight Lately”

  1. I’m confident that you can do it! It took me a while to get started, but I’m 18 pounds down since April, and it’s just habit now. I still don’t have an overly active lifestyle, but I do weight training which has been far more beneficial to me than doing hours and hours of cardio. Losing weight is almost all about diet. If you’re not super active I would suggest counting calories again, it’s so easy to overestimate what we eat and how much we’re actually burning off. is my fitness profile, feel free to add =) I’ve also found that is a GREAT site for support and actual facts on nutrition instead of bickering or fake articles (which MFP forums seems to be full of). I still have treats now and again (as you can tell by my food diary) and if I’m hungry or craving something I eat, but I’m really really really pleased with how it has gone so far.

    If you have any questions or just want to rant fitness stuff to, feel free to poke! I know you can do it.

    • Thanks. I think I can do it too. I just gotta get back on top of it as I was when I was living in Ottawa. There are lots of tools to help, but I haven’t been taking advantage of them lately. I’ve been working and socializing so much that I haven’t really given much thought to my weight.

    • I appreciate that, and I’ve considered it, but I just don’t think it would be of value to me right now. The cost to benefit ratio isn’t really there. I know how to eat, and how to track, but I just haven’t been doing it, and while weekly accountability might be beneficial, it might also be depressing. Once I’m in a better spot financially, I might reconsider the it, but for now, I’m doing this with the free options available to me.

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