Helping My Brother Pick a Camera

I don’t have an easy way to convert audio into text like my fiancee, but I did want to record a quick bit on helping my brother pick out a camera system this evening.

The audio is a little less than two and a half minutes long.

If you like the audio posts, I might rotate them in here and there rather than always writing. If you don’t like them, let me know that as well.

3 Replies to “Helping My Brother Pick a Camera”

  1. Audio posts are cool.
    I use the Dragon Naturally Speaking App for my iPad when I don’t have the patience to type out a post. It works pretty well, though sometimes it gets confused about what I’m saying and I have to proofread carefully.

    1. Yeah, Dragon for my laptop is too expensive for me… It took me almost as long to record the post, and then remove noise from the recording as it would have to type out what I had said.

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