Organizing Text Messages

One thing that bothers me about text messaging is how it ends up being a system more like instant messaging rather than short e-mails.

I can label an e-mail, mark it as important, or otherwise make it distinct. I can search through e-mails, find previous messages, and easily manage the content.

With text messaging, there aren’t such easy ways to manage things. When someone sends me a message that is important, I have no way of flagging it as such to easily find it again.

Also, unless I actively save my text messages, or change my phone settings to some other arbitrary number, it will only store the latest few hundred messages and with it sometimes being a stream of thought, much like instant messaging, important details will be lost off of my phone quite quickly.

I often lose important text messages, and am trying to get in the habit of copying the data to other systems, including e-mailing myself the details so that I have them later. I mark them with a label in Gmail and then have an easy way to both sort and search them, but the system feels very silly to me because I feel it should be native.

What do you think, have you lost important information sent to you because there wasn’t an easy way to recall a previous text message? Let me know in the comments!

3 responses to “Organizing Text Messages”

    • I use MightyText, a great app, for texting from my computer, and Snappea looks cool, but it isn’t totally what I’m hoping for. More feature filled than MightyText though, so I’ll definitely check it out.

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