Moving People to

One of my goals for 2013 was to help three people with their websites or blogs. Since then, I’ve helped my future wife set-up her own blog where she’s publishing more posts per month than my cousin, best friend, and mother combined. (Just have to rub that in a bit all, sorry…) She is getting some great traction with her posts and is a prolific writer with posts that are thousands of words long, and crafted as quickly as I write my own (which by many people’s standards is fast).

I’ve also had the opportunity to help my future sister-in-law move her blog from Blogger to The move was relatively painless, other than doing the crummy meta-redirect in the template rather than a true redirect, but that’s not a huge deal.

It feels good to have family up and running on, as the platform is stable, fast, and I’m just a bit more than familiar with it.

Sure, there are limitations to, but they are worth it for the publishing platform they provide, and Annie’s sister was frustrated with the poor quality of the iOS application for Blogger, and amazed at how easy Annie seemed to be able to publish posts with the iOS app for WordPress, so they deserve some credit for that.

I can’t wait until both of them have had more time to sit down with me and work on design and set-up. I look forward to teaching them as much as they are interested in knowing about and hope that they have a great time continuing to publish new posts throughout 2013.

I also now feel like I only need to help one more person with their blog/website this year to have achieved my goal of helping three people with their sites. Twenty-thirteen is turning out to be an amazing year for me.

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