Micro-Four Thirds

I really thought I would use my Panasonic GF-2 a great deal when I purchased it (New Camera: Panasonic DMC-GF2). The idea of a small camera with interchangeable lenses appealed to me greatly, but the reality is very different for me. I bought the camera with a 20mm prime lens. This means it can’t zoom in or out, and lenses for this type of camera, while cheaper than most digital SLR lenses, are still pricey, and so I never got around to purchasing any, and this left me with a camera that was usable, but not super fun to use.

Since purchasing the Panasonic GF-2, I’ve only taken maybe a thousand photos with it, and for me, that’s a very low number given that I purchased the camera nearly a year ago. There are some things I like about the camera, and they are:

  • the ability to shoot RAW
  • the small form factor
  • the idea of interchangeable lenses
  • the low shutter delay
  • the hot-shoe for bigger flashes

There are a number of things I don’t like about the camera though, such as:

  • the high noise of the images produced
  • the high cost of lenses
  • the lack of a built-in optical viewfinder

Overall, it isn’t a bad camera, or even a bad camera system, but I never felt compelled to invest in a lens system for it, and because of that, it suffered. It will continue to be my light weight, quick grab, event camera for when my new Canon T3i (thanks again hun!) is too large or heavy, but beyond that, it sits and collects dust.

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