Goals for 2013

After reading Annie’s sister’s blog post reflecting on 2012 (Looking back. And forward.), and discussing her goals for 2013, I figured I should do the same.

In 2012, I lost nearly forty pounds of weight. In the next year, I am hoping to lose at least another twenty. My goal for weight loss isn’t a specific number, but I would really love to fit into a size 40 pants by the summer time. This would mean that I could shop for clothes at most men’s clothing stores, instead of just specialty stores for overweight men.

This would also allow me to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: buy a new suit. While I don’t need one for every day wear, it would be nice to have a well fitting suit that makes me feel extra good about me and the work I’ve done to lose weight.

Continuing to be active is also important to me, and I would like to focus on making sure that I walk at least ten hours a month, or what works out to a minimum of twenty minutes a day. Working remotely means that I don’t have to walk to work or anything, and as such, I can sometimes forget to get some exercise each day. Ideally, I would love to set-up my standing desk or get a treadmill desk at some point, but we will see.

I also want to pay off the remaining debt sitting on my credit card. I’ve been good about not racking up more debt, but I’d love to pay it off.

Saying that though, I also would like to build a new desktop computer once I’ve settled into my new living situation. I’m tempted to go pretend parts shopping again as it really excites me. I have been missing having a desktop since I last sold mine.

Beyond those, I would like to write at least one hundred blog posts on this blog, write a story over thirty pages, read at least a dozen novels, and help at least three people with their websites or blogs.

If I can do these things, and continue to improve my relationship with Annie, I think I would consider myself to have a golden year worth being very happy about.

4 responses to “Goals for 2013”

  1. Very worthy goals – I’m really proud of you! I think the best part of making goals and stating/writing them out means they stay at the back of your mind and you’ll probably do much better at achieving them or at least coming very close – lot’s of love Gramma Sandy

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