Goals Update So Far

In a post I published in January (Goals for 2013), I had a few goals that I wanted to accomplish this year, and I wanted to take a quick moment to reflect on my progress towards them.

I wanted to lose more weight so I could fit in a size 40 pants.
I haven’t really lost any weight, but I haven’t gained either. This means I’m still within striking distance of this goal, and I’ll be redoubling my effort towards getting their before summer hits.

I wanted to buy a new suit.
I am planning on getting married next year in a suit, so this might just happen, but probably not until the very end of the year, as we won’t get married until April/May/June of 2014.

I wanted to walk ten hours per month.
I think I’m meeting this goal. I’ve been walking around Georgetown, and with Annie at malls, and as the weather improves, I hope to do this even more. Annie has been trying to convince me to work with her on the Couch to 5k routine that is fairly popular, and I might attempt it.

I wanted to pay off my debts.
I’m not doing so well here. Moving to Georgetown zapped my money, and things are really rough in this respect right now. I am super debt laden and I don’t see any sign of that changing any time soon.

I wanted to build a new desktop computer.
Maybe in late 2014 or early 2015…

I wanted to write at least 100 blog posts.
I am already more than half way to that mark with around 56 posts so far this year, and so I don’t think it will be an issue. I might even get closer to two hundred posts this year which would be absolutely amazing to me.

I wanted to write a story over thirty pages.
I haven’t tackled this one yet… and to be honest, I don’t know that I will. It would be nice, but I am not going to push myself to do it because the spigot that is my creativity completely closes off if I try to push myself to do creative writing.

I wanted to read at least a dozen novels.
I have already read six so far this year that I can remember, so I should be able to make this goal without too much of an issue.

I wanted to help at least three people with their websites or blogs.
I have helped for more than that through my work, but I haven’t made the opportunity to accomplish this outside of work as of yet.

I wanted to improve my relationship with Annie.
I proposed marriage, so I think I can check that off.

With more than six months to go, I think I’m doing well so far.

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