Smart Phones

Just out of curiosity, what phone are you using?

I have only been a smartphone user for the past three years, but have enjoyed it immensely. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Annie has an iPhone (I can never remember which model). My Mom has a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. My Grandma just recently purchased a Motorola Razr V. My cousin, Mark, has a HTC One X. My aunt, Nancy, has an iPhone.

Some other people in my family have iPhones or Android devices, but I’m curious what my readers have. Please leave a comment below with what phone you have, or if you have one of the following, please check it off on the poll.

2 responses to “Smart Phones”

  1. I have been using a Note II for the last few months and LOVE it. It’s seriously amazing. Best phone I’ve had by FAR, and I’ve been bouncing between smartphones pretty regularly for a few years now.

    Doesn’t hurt that I happen to have hugenormous hands, so the large size works quite well.

    • You have had a lot of smartphones it seems. I considered the Note, but the extra cost associated with it upon renewal of my cell phone contract made it a non-starter for me. I think it is a bit large to be a comfortable phone, but for data entry, web browsing and whatnot, it seems like a great device.

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