My grandmother has been working on her memoirs for a few years now, and I’m hopeful she will get a great deal of it done before she passes so that I will always have a piece of her to hold on to. There are so many stories of her youth that I have no knowledge of, and my memory isn’t so great, so it isn’t like I remember many of the stories she has told me growing up, and so to have a written copy of the memories she feels are important is really exciting to me.

Lately, she has had trouble motivating herself to do it, but it got me thinking about my own memoirs. There are stories through my life that I should eventually write down, but my blog has become a great record of my life, and if I continue to write about various things on here for the next few decades, I’ll have a great record of my life for my own family to look back on.

I am going to probably spend some time in the next few weeks hunting down previous posts on previous blogs I’ve run and adding those posts to this site if I can, so that I can expand that record before that information is gone forever.

We live in a world where it is nearly possible for someone to record their lives online, and have that information be indestructible and part of me is excited about that as we will all leave our mark on the Internet.

Update: I will be posting the old posts under the Archive Category that can be found in the menu.

2 responses to “Memoirs”

    • I might just do that…. or give her a flip camera to randomly record some as well. Even if I have to type out her dictated stories. Maybe this summer I’ll take a week and stay with her and really push her on telling stories from her life that she hasn’t had a chance to write down yet. I can’t imagine losing her unique experiences… And you should do it with your mom too! πŸ™‚

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