No More Blogging?

No, the title isn’t about me. It seems though that my friends and family have run out of steam when it comes to blogging. – My cousin, Mark, has almost always been inconsistent about blogging, but has written many great posts in his blog since starting. Unfortunately, it has been more than a month since his last post, and he’s only been able to push out three so far this year. – My amazing friend Tom continues to post images on his Flickr account, but when it comes to writing, his posts are also inconsistent, but usually cover a very cool topic rather than just discussing what’s new in his life. His last post was more than a month ago, and he has only been able to craft two posts so far this year.

Brenda aka Breeze – My mom, and someone that I don’t hear from nearly enough started a blog back in March of 2012. It looked like she was going to cover her personal life, creating a blog of things to motivate herself, and inspire her, but it fizzled out quickly. She hasn’t written a post since June 1st, 2012.

I receive a great deal of joy from reading about the lives and interests of my family and friends, and am bummed when they don’t have time to share what’s new in their lives. I am hoping that all those reading this post will go check out their sites, and give them a showing of support through your traffic, and if you are able, comments. Also, if I know you, and you have a blog you are writing on, I’d love to add it to my reading list.

For all of those wondering, I’ve published 35 posts since the start of the year…

5 responses to “No More Blogging?”

  1. So there are kinda two reasons I have not been posting to my blog in the last little while. One is because some of the things I have to be told are a little to private of be on the open internet. I know I can turn it into a private blog, but then really what is the point? And two, most times I just tell you when I see you or on Skype.

    I know that there are some things that I would love to post about the things that are going on in my life, but I fear that my current job will use it as an excuse to terminate me. Once I am able to put everything I have been doing these past year public, oh you better believe that I will.

    I am sorry that I have not been writing as much as I know you would like. I do hope that in the summer, things will turn around and I will get back into social media and get more into writing. Especially since I need to improve my written English skills. 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to it man. Don’t forget there are other things happening in your life that you can write about. 🙂 I’d love to see a post on what a day of volunteering at Habitat is like. Or one about your sign language course.

    • That might be true, but yours are much more nicely crafted than mine. I guess I just wish you had more time because we haven’t been chatting much lately. Going through Tom withdrawals a bit…

      • And I’ve been going through David withdrawal. :-/ I’ve been busy concocting plans to get you two to Ottawa so I can have my bro back.

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