Things I Want to Do

So, I stumbled on a post of mine from November 5th, 2005 and it listed some things I’d like to do in my life.

The list was the following:

  • Be in a major motion picture or quality television show
  • Sky dive
  • Go to Ireland
  • Fly a plane
  • See an imax movie
  • Drive 200+ kph legally (i.e. on a racetrack or drag strip)
  • Get Custom Laser Eye Surgery to improve my vision to 20/20 or better.
  • Write a book that gets published and sells more than 5 copies.

Out of all of these, the only one I’ve done is that I’ve flown a plane. I was able to fly a little Cessna in Ottawa not too long after creating this list. I really have to get moving on some of these if I ever want them to happen. Seeing an imax movie should be easy enough to do, but I still haven’t done it in over seven years.

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