The Best Best

Jay Best, an ex-co-worker of mine from the County of Bruce, pinged me on Facebook last night. From time to time he and I chat on there about what’s new, and it reminds me of the times I enjoyed at the County.

When he first got there, I was less than six months away from leaving, but being that I was living fairly close to where he was, we were able to hang out often, and had a great time discussing various things.

It is strange working from home again and only having discussions with people through chat programs. I miss lunch time foosball, working out in the basement, rocking out with music games on the Wii, or killing zombies on the Playstation 3.

Going to Friday Office – Georgetown Edition has definitely helped, and hanging out with Annie and her family has also helped, but I definitely don’t always feel like I have enough of that office camaraderie that I had when working at the County with Jay Best, and the rest of the HR and IT departments.

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