Dissecting Tech – Page 17

“This is really good. You guys want to try my pizza?” Chris said, with only one of the original four slices still on a tray in front of him.

“None for me, thanks” Alexander said turning to look at Matthew.

Matthew shook his head from side to side, as he chewed another piece of sushi.

Chris continued to inhale his pizza, “I can’t believe this was extruded from the ship.” Pausing momentarily, he switched subjects, “Did you guys see the new video game console announcement today? Is my computer still better?”

“No, I didn’t hear about it. I haven’t really been on the Internet much since getting command of the Resurrection. What is it like?” Alexander said.

“I don’t really know. They just said it was fast, and stuff.”

Alexander knew that Chris wasn’t the most tech savvy, but his interest in video games was a large reason that Alexander wanted him on board. Numerous studies said that video games sharpened the mind, and Chris was also very inquisitive and seemed to want to prove himself all the time.

Matthew swallowed his food and interjected, “Well, hopefully they make their money fast, I’m sure the stuff on this ship could help create the next generation of gaming for everyone.”

Remember the games we used to play on our computer?”

“Yeah, we had a good time, wasting evenings playing with second rate computers in a fantasy world. The funniest thing is thinking about the space ships we played in science fiction games.” Alexander replied.

“And now we have this ship!” Chris said with a large grin on his face. He knew he had said something obvious, but he was still happy to contribute to the conversation.

Matthew scowled, “Why do you always do that?”

“Do what?” Chris said innocently.

“Um… Say something dumb.”

“I didn’t. I’m just excited, that’s all.”

Matthew continued to look unimpressed as he continued to verbally assault his brother.

Alexander looked at them and sighed. He had watched the brothers argue multiple times in the past. As much as he hated them going at each other, he also revelled in how normal it all felt.

“Guys, let’s head back home. I think we’ve seen enough.”

The ship turned swiftly towards Earth, and rocketed at high speeds, charging into the atmosphere within minutes, and back above Alexander’s apartment before anyone had much of a chance to disagree.

Chris and Matthew seemed impressed at how quickly the had returned back to and Alexander had to admit, he still hadn’t tested the limits of the ship he had been given.

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