Dissecting Tech – Page 13

Alexander found himself waking up on the bridge of the Resurrection. The command chair had folded down flat, becoming a reasonable bed but Alexander was still exhausted. The sun shone in through the front translucent area of the ship, and illuminated the entire room.

Sitting up, the chair followed his lead, and slowly adjusted upwards with him. Stretching, he looked around at the few souvenirs he had picked up in his travels during the previous evening. Post cards from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Japan, and Hawaii were all sitting in a pile on the floor near the base of his chair.

While the nights travels were exciting, and Alexander had always wanted to see the world, he couldn’t help but feel lonely, and more isolated than ever. He knew he had to pick up his cousins and begin working towards his dreams.

“This ship was given to me to build a future, and that’s what I’m going to do…” Alexander’s voice echoed off the nearly empty interior.

Alexander looked at the holographic globe, and saw the ship was already back in Kingston. In fact, he was hovering a few feet above his old apartment complex. As much as he knew he should go home, check his mail, shower, change and do other “normal” things, Alexander felt a tug to stay on the ship.

A quick probe of his mind let him know that he could shower on the ship, and he would be provided with fresh clothing while the first set was cleaned, and so standing up, a wall divided and opened up into a small alcove. Removing his clothing, Alexander walked into the alcove that began to emit a high pitched whine before a mist hit him from all sides and from top to bottom. A few seconds later another high pitched whine started, and Alexander knew that it was an energy beam removing any contaminants as well as cleaning away bacteria and loose skin.

Pouring through the information stored in the computer, he was astonished to find out that the amount of water used was less than a cup. Alexander added the technology to his mental shortlist of technologies worth releasing early on to the masses.

Getting out of the shower, a new, fresh uniform was waiting him on the main table, and the uniform he had removed had vanished. Putting on the clothing, Alexander noticed there was a slight illumination coming from the material, as though there were lit up fibre optic cable woven through the fabric.

A chirp came from the front terminal, and Alexander, feeling refreshed moved over and took a look. A communication was coming in, and without touching a button, the speakers clipped on.

“Hey Alexander, are you there?” Matthew’s voice piped up in surround sound around him.

“Yes, I’m here and awake. I’m actually hovering above my apartment in Kingston.”

“Aren’t you worried someone will see you or bump into you?”

“No, this thing is way beyond anything available today. I’m sure I’m fine.”

There was a long pause. Alexander could tell that Matthew wanted to come back on the ship but was still not comfortable with the idea of being teleported from place to place. Eventually, he continued, “So, want to pick me up?”

“I can teleport you from here if you are ready.”

“Um… Okay.”

Again giving commands through his implant, Matthew appeared a few feet behind Alexander on the bridge of the Resurrection.

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