Weight Gain

So the last two weeks, I can definitely tell that I’ve gone up in weight. I finally unpacked my scale, and was surprised just how much I’ve gone up in such a short period of time. I really have to get my weight under control, and I’ll be working hard at it the next couple weeks while I work on my finances and see if I can budget in joining Weight Watchers with Annie and some of her family.

I really want to hit my own personal goal weight this year. Sometimes, the whole weight loss thing is a bit depressing. It is so fast to gain weight, and so hard to lose. It is easy to make bad choices, and feels difficult to make good ones.

Also, looking at Weight Watchers, and learning about what their goal for my weight would be, makes me feel some serious anxiety. My own goal was to get down from 310 pounds to 250 pounds. I had gotten all the way down to 269, and I’m currently up at 276 pounds. Even at 250 pounds, I’m obese according to BMI. Weight Watchers would want me to get down to under 200 pounds to make it to life time membership. I can’t even picture myself in the low 200’s. I’ve always been a bigger guy.

I am not sure what I’m saying with this blog post other than tracking my progress, set-backs, and hoping to push myself harder in the coming weeks to drop some weight again and get closer to my own goal.

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