SimCity 5

So, a few weekends back, I got into the SimCity beta, but unfortunately, I was getting my stuff from Ottawa, and laughably, it is a Windows only beta, and I only have a Mac currently.

Then, I was going to pre-order the game, and realized that the Mac pre-order isn’t up yet, and the Mac version of the game may not be released at the same time as the Windows version.

I watched a few videos from the beta on YouTube, and have to admit, I’m super excited for the game, and can’t wait to play it. If there was one game that I would love to have all my friends playing this year, it would be SimCity.

The game looks like it will be a lot of fun, and the option to have your friends building cities around your own, and sharing resources seems like a great gameplay element. I can already see myself wanting to work on energy production and selling it to nearby cities to earn revenue.

I hope that it will run decently on my MacBook Pro, and that the Mac version comes out soon or shortly after the Windows version. I also hope that I can get more than a few people in my life playing it once it comes out. Maybe even my girlfriend…?

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