Movies I’d Like to See in 2013

Like I did in 2010 (Movies I Want to Watch For the Rest of 2010), I have created a quick list of movies I would like to see in the upcoming year.

Here they are, thanks to the lists developed on Dark Horizons.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – January 25th, 2013
Movie 43 – January 25th, 2013
Warm Bodies – February 1st, 2013
Jack the Giant Slayer – March 1st, 2013
Oz: The Great and Powerful – March 8th, 2013
Carrie – March 15th, 2013
Oblivion – April 12th, 2013
jOBS – April 2013
Iron Man 3 – May 3rd, 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness – May 17th, 2013
The Hangover Part III – May 24th, 2013
After Earth – June 7th, 2013
Much Ado About Nothing – June 7th, 2013
Man of Steel – June 14th, 2013
This Is The End – June 14th, 2013
World War Z – June 20th, 2013
Monsters University – June 21st, 2013
Kick-Ass 2 – June 28th, 2013
Despicable Me 2 – July 3rd, 2013
Pacific Rim – July 12th, 2013
The Wolverine – July 26th, 2013
300: Rise of an Empire – August 2nd, 2013
Red 2 – August 2nd, 2013
Elysium – August 9th, 2013
Planes – August 9th, 2013
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – August 16th, 2013
Riddick – September 6th, 2013
47 Ronin – September 25th, 2013
Anchorman: The Legend Continues – October 19th, 2013
The World’s End – October 25th, 2013
Ender’s Game – November 1st, 2013
Thor: The Dark World – November 8th, 2013
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – November 22nd, 2013
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – December 13th, 2013
The Colony
Drinking Buddies
Gods Behaving Badly
Grown Ups 2
Man of Tai Chi
The Man Who Sold the World
The Smurfs 2
What movies are you looking forward to seeing?

Update: Finalized, I think… and now updated in release order.

10 responses to “Movies I’d Like to See in 2013”

  1. Happy 2013 David…wish you the best of everything this year. I would like to see Iron Man 3, Hobbit #2 and Gods Behaving Badly (cast looks good, book was terrific so hope the movie measures up…it’s a great premise). Have you read the book?
    Think I’ll pass on Carrie..still have nightmares from the original 1976 version with John Travolta…horrors just ain’t my thing tho Rick loves them!

    • I have not read the book. Looks like it might be a fun movie. I don’t like most horror movies either, but sometimes they just work as good movies and I have to check them out. I’m hoping the re-do of Carrie fits that.

      Happy 2013 to you as well! πŸ™‚ Wish everyone my best.

  2. They should be in order of excitement. Here’s my list, in that order:

    Star Trek Into Darkness
    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    World War Z
    Warm Bodies
    Iron Man 3
    Ender’s Game
    (from your list – there might be other movies I’m not remembering)

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