Weight Loss Update

So, I didn’t make my goal, I am still in the 270’s. I am averaging just a few pounds above, and I was really hoping to break into the high 260’s before Christmas. I am sure over the holiday season that I’ll gain a few pounds, and fresh in the new year, I hope to get back into the grove and lose a few more. I really want to get down to a weight that would allow me to wear a size 40 pants and a loose fitting XL shirt.

I don’t know exactly what weight that will be, but I’m aiming for around 250 pounds and so I have around twenty pounds to go. I can definitely tell that when I’m aggressive about weight loss, there are what I would consider chemical reactions that make me feel crummy, but if I go slowly, then I am able to lose weight and seemingly keep it off.

What I am hoping is ideal would be to aim for a loss of one pound a week starting in the new year, and that would mean that I could lose my remaining weight in less than half a year.

It is hard to remember that I used to be as high as 310 pounds, which means I am really just at the half way point. It is also hard to remind myself that I put it all on over the course of five to ten years, and so I can’t expect it to all come off over night, especially if I’m not willing to make huge compromises that aren’t sustainable.

Annie has been super supportive of my weight loss goals, though she says that I need to purchase some new pants that fit better. I have just been wrenching on my belt a bit more each time I drop some weight.

Here’s hoping that 2013 is another successful weight loss year.

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