More Effort Means Strong Feelings

This post is really for me to reflect on later in life because my memory is so crummy…

So Annie and I have been spending more time lately communicating, and that has increased my emotional and romantic attachment to her, and as such, when we don’t get to talk, I immediately feel the loss of that communication. The funny thing is that, even reduced, it is still much more contact than we’ve had previously.

The same thing happens when I get to visit with her. We spend all day with each other and other than sleeping, we are inseparable, and so when we go back to our lives, I feel that loss for a few days as I re-adjust to the way things are. This current period is the longest we’ve been apart since we first met, and that has been hard as well.

It is an interesting part of being in a relationship, and I really hope that Annie feels the same way. I am also hopeful that things continue to get better between us. Interestingly, some of our conversations haven’t been fun, but they’ve brought us even closer together. I feel like we’ve talked about things that most people don’t really cover until the second or third year of being together.

I am so excited to be in a romantic relationship with someone that I could see myself being close friends with for the rest of my life. Our interests, our views on the world, and our open and honest communication are amazing and fairly unique in my experience. I can’t wait to see what it is like visiting over Christmas and New Years, and I’m looking forward to exploring our relationship more in the new year.

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