Christmas is Coming

So there are only a few days left until Christmas. I spent far too much on presents this year, but that’s okay. Despite my issues with the commercialism, especially tied to Christmas, I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and then getting to see Annie and her family again.

I am travelling on Christmas day to Annie’s place. We are hopefully going to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special in the evening. I haven’t seen it on the actual day before. We are also, hopefully, going to get to spend some quiet time together while I’m down.

I know that my Aunt’s place is going to be energetic, loud and crazy on Christmas Day, and Annie’s sister’s place will be even more so on Boxing Day, and so I’ll be exhausted.

Hopefully, everything goes well. With the year coming to a close, and my homelessness, I am definitely reflecting a great deal on my life, my family, my relationship and my future.

I hope everyone likes the gift I have purchased. I hope that I am able to express how happy I am that others have taken the time to get me a gift. Most of all, I hope that I get to see everyone at their happiest and best during the Christmas season.

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