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Sometimes, I have a hard time writing on this site, not because I don’t have anything to say, but more so due to it being widely read. A good percentage of the time, the things I want to write about are related to my personal thoughts, insights and issues, but I can’t put them on a public forum like this one.

I could password protect certain posts, and I have done that, but then the reward of feedback disappears. Sometimes, I wish I could earmark certain posts for certain people so that I could keep the posts private, but easily allow those I want to have access to be able to see the posts without jumping through any hoops that would stop them from interacting with the content I put out.

This blog is primarily a chronicle of my own life. I go back through it and I get to relive memories that have faded or been forgotten. I enjoy knowing that it is safe, independent of my computer, hosted out on the Internet.

I do worry though about being too public with my thoughts and having that come back and bite me in my butt. Even some posts that I didn’t think would be a bother to anyone sometimes set people off or create issues that having a private journal wouldn’t cause.

So why is feedback important on what is essentially a journal? Well, that’s exactly the post I would like to write, but can’t because I don’t know who would read it.

3 responses to “Blog as Public Journal”

  1. You could create a specific category of posts and then password protect the directory that’s created by that category permalink. Then you could share a single password with friends/family that you would like to share those posts with if desired. You could also then exclude that category of posts from showing up in your standard blog display and RSS feed.

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