Fulfillment in Life

When thinking about fulfillment in your life, what do you give focus to? I have spent a great deal of time trying to build a career for myself that I can be both happy and successful in, and while I’ve made some mis-steps, I’m not unhappy with where I’ve ended up.

Do you focus on your connections with family? Lately, I have been feeling more detached than ever as my cousins have been busy with their lives, and they have been my strongest connections to my family this year.

Do you focus on your relationships with others? My friendships ebb and flow, but are no more or less strong than they ever were. I have spent a large portion of today reflecting on the people that I don’t get to see near enough, and the people that have slipped completely out of my life.

Do you focus on romantic connections? I am currently in the start of a relationship with a wonderful woman, but she lives half the province away, which sometimes feels like half the world away.

Do you focus on what you do with your personal time? I have been working hard on self discovery. I really want to know more about what I should be doing, and understand not only my limitations but what I need to do to bypass them and succeed at the things I’ve set my mind to.

Where do you find fulfillment in your life? What values make you special? With the passing of time, what things can you look back on and be proud of? Looking forward, what criteria do you use to understand where your time and energy would be best spent?

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