Weekend With My Girlfriend

So this weekend, I went to visit Annie once again. It was really nice. I finally got meet another one of her friends, visited with some of her family, but for the most part, it was just a relaxing time, spent together. The train ride back definitely felt a little longer this time.

It was probably the last time we will see each other in person until after Christmas, and definitely the last time we will see each other while I’m living in Ottawa.

Being in a long distance relationship has a ton of drawbacks, especially once the initial “getting to know you” phase is more or less done. At the start, it wasn’t bad because we were allowed to talk with a barrier in the way, so we could slowly, and carefully learn about each other without all the crazy hormones and love struck googly eyes in the way. It allowed us to communicate in a way that I have never done before so early in a relationship.

But now, I just find myself missing her all the time, and probably seeming far too needy when I do get to see her in person. We had a short discussion about this while I was down. It is definitely hard to find that proper balance when you only get to see someone once or twice a month.

While at one of her sisters house’s they sang Happy Birthday for the collection of November birthdays, including my own. It was really nice. We had ice cream cake, after having chili and before I had some glasses of wine and got tipsy.

Annie also got me a present, which was super nice and not something she had to do.

All in all, a great weekend and fairly important since I don’t know how much we will get to talk as my life gets a bit unhinged as I stop having a place to call my own.

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