Music in My Life

Unlike my friend, Tom, I’m not going to go through and find album covers (Top songs pre-2000). I just wanted to quickly take an opportunity to list some of the great deal of music that has helped shaped my life and brings back strong memories.


Yanni – Live at the Acropolis
Released: 1994

I grew up on this album. I know it might be a bit laughable to some, but I really enjoyed the orchestral feel, and it felt very much like what you would hear on some light/airy sci-fi video games. Try not to make fun of me too much…

Great Big Sea – UP
Released: 1995

Transitioning to this wasn’t hard. I was thirteen when this album came out, and enjoyed almost every song. I think I almost wore out my copy in the CD player. The songs were catchy, and easy to sing. Both my mom and brother liked listening to it, and that made it easy to keep it playing in the house.

Nirvana – Nevermind
Released: 1991

Jack, a friend of mine in high school, introduced me to this album. I had already heard a song or two from it, but it didn’t resonate with me until I was a bit older. To this day, I still listen to a few songs from Nevermind, and instantly feel like I’m back in high school. I think I ended up taking one of my dad’s CD’s and trading Jack for the Nevermind CD.

My parents, specifically my dad, got me an acoustic guitar in large part because I wanted to be able to play Come as You Are and Something in the Way, is still a go to song on my playlist.

Korn – Follow the Leader
Released: 1998

Going a bit darker still, I went through a heavy Korn phase. It was probably the most popular of its type of music, and so easy for me to find. I remember downloading a song off this album, one at a time, with each one taking over half an hour on the dial-up connection my parents had. I still really enjoy listening to Jonathan Davis and everything he does with Korn and other groups. You’ll notice he sings in the Infected Mushroom song I list below.


This is a smattering of songs that I love. Most of them I still listen to now. Each of them on this list for different reasons, and I think you’ll find them to be fairly eclectic in style. I don’t know what this list says about me, but hunt these down, listen to them, and let me know your thoughts.

This list could have easily been fifty or so tracks long…

  • VAST – Touched
  • Portishead – Roads
  • Silverchair – Suicidal Dream
  • Incubus – Drive
  • The Pixies – Where Is My Mind
  • CCR – Fortunate Son
  • Billy Talent – Rusted by the Rain
  • Jimmy Eat World – Pain
  • Infected Mushroom – Smashing the Opponent

Playlist of the Songs Above

Not including albums

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