Likable Guy?

I have had an interesting relationship history. I would hazard a guess that there are many of my ex-girlfriends that would say that given the chance, they would have loved to either try again or would still like to be in a relationship with me. This isn’t a conceited comment. I am not saying I’m a catch or anything like that.

What I am saying is that women seem to think me a likable, trustworthy guy.

Even now, I have had, over the last few weeks, more than a few women mention that they would date a guy like me if they weren’t in their current relationship.

To me, that is like an arrow through the chest. While I don’t want to break anyone up, I haven’t been in any romantic relationship for a few years now, and it can be tough to not look around and go, “is there something on my face?”

I am not a bar fly, and I am not sold on the idea of online dating. I am a bit shy when it comes to women, and I work from home. This means that only family or friends will probably be the source of women that I can meet, and so far, all of the ones I’ve been introduced to are in a relationship.

I don’t know what I’m really hoping to have happen, but I definitely didn’t expect to be alone at this point in my life. I’m not complaining as I do have a great life, but I will be interested to look back at this post in a few years and reflect on how my life has changed or stayed the same.

Have I taken up the hunt through online dating sites? Has a friend finally introduced me to someone available or has a friend become single and interested? Who knows?

Hopefully, I continue to be a likable guy and continue to hear that if they weren’t with the men in their life, that they would be looking for a guy like me because at least it lets me know that there is nothing wrong with my personality… I can’t say anything about my face.

5 responses to “Likable Guy?”

  1. Dating… and, more importantly I suppose, finding people to date…. sucks. I was never good at it. People, in general, annoy me, and I’m about as anti-social as you can be with a giant beard and a log cabin. I’m honestly not sure how people do it at all. I’ve had very few actual relationships, just about every date I’ve been on was a setup by friends/etc… and then I managed to stumble into a relationship by accident with someone awesome, and I have no idea how. So I probably can’t be a lot of help there lol.

    If I think of anyone you might get along with though, I’ll let ya know for sure 😀

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