Dissecting Tech – Page 12

The day wore on, as Alexander and his cousins looked through the data held within the ship’s memory. It kept them consumed, except for the odd burst of excitement when one of them found a useful piece of information, or an interesting piece of technology. By the end of the day, a small list had been compiled of their best avenues for starting their company.

Alexander looked out through the viewing area, and saw the sun was setting. “So, the next step will be setting things up. I will be sending you guys back home now, but tonight we should all try to think about how we release this technology into the world without bringing too much attention to ourselves.”

Without missing a beat, Matthew spoke up, “Uh, how should we let you know, or get back on the ship if we needed to?”

The table behind Alexander shimmered, and extruded out a small module, similar to the one he had been given before opting for the implant. Grabbing the one created earlier, and the fresh one pushed from the console, he handed one to each of his cousins. “This is an interface that is connected with the ship. You can give it basic verbal commands, and it should respond as expected.”

Before anyone else could speak up, he swung around his chair to face the front of the ship, and his cousins vanished, both transported back to their own homes. Alexander felt as though his ability to control the ship was getting faster and easier. It knew the difference between an idea, and a command.

The ship began to quickly rise up into the mesosphere. While he loved his cousins, there was something nice about being on the ship alone. He didn’t have to answer questions; instead, he could just be in awe of the ship and its capabilities. Sitting in silence, he turned, looking back at the room, at the Resurrection, his ship. He was wearing the uniform, he had come up with a basic outline of a plan, and he had the potential to change the world for the better, but all he could do was giggle like someone with an over powered toy.

Thinking about his life up to this point, Alexander remembered the countless times he wished he had something special in his life. He had grown up wishing he had super powers, or was born a super genius. As a teen, he wanted to be the most popular, or the most interesting person in his peer group. As an adult, he wanted to be wealthy, or have a job that others envied. Instead, it was a never ending life of disappointing normality.

He had always questioned what he would do if he had gotten any of his dreams, not sure if he would be able to remain a good person in the face of being special, but now with an advanced space ship under his control, he knew what the answer was: the good and evil in his mind would always be at war.

“What is the weather like in Ireland right now?”

The table to his left lit up, and projected a map of Ireland, showing heavy cloud cover. The map was also colour coded, with cooler areas being blue and green, and warmer areas being yellow and red. The scale along the left hand side read a difference of twelve degrees to eighteen degrees. Warm enough for a nice early morning visit.

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