Dissecting Tech – Page 11

Looking back through the transparent section of the ship, the transparency contracted back to the a small portion of the front, and still standing next to his cousin, Alexander ordered the ship to fall back to Earth.

“The first thing we will need to do is figure some of this stuff out, and determine where to begin.”

Matthew turned and looked at Alexander, who continued, “I’ve already thought of a few ways we could make some decent seed capital to get things going.”

“Oh yeah? What are you hoping to do?” Matthew’s head was cocked slightly to the left, in a manner that only made his question seem more deeply inquisitive and curious.

Alexander walked across the bridge, and stood next to Matthew. “Well, I think the first thing we should do is find a way to produce and sell the advanced storage technology on this ship.”

He smiled and continued his speech, getting ever louder and more excited, “Previously, I was researching information on what this ship could do, and noticed its data banks were only at ten percent capacity, and its total storage was in zettabytes.”

He let the word sink in. Chris looked confused, and while Matthew didn’t look like he comprehended the scale of the announcement either, he didn’t look as lost as his younger brother.

“You know what terabytes are, right?” Alexander didn’t let them respond before continuing, “Well, one thousand of those is a petabyte. One thousand petabytes is a exabyte and one thousand exabytes is a zettabyte. I bet the entire storage of every piece of data in the world couldn’t be more than a few zettabytes and this ship’s storage has a capacity of one hundred and sixty zettabytes.”

Pausing yet again, Chris still looked confused, but Matthew was smiling. “Who wants to back up the Internet?”

Laughter rang through the cabin. Alexander knew that the creation of storage cells that he could sell wouldn’t be difficult, as the ship could produce them without issue. The hard part was going to be selling the “company” to the world.

The ship stopped a few hundred meters above sea level. The ship just hung in the air above Alexander’s apartment building, exactly where he had wanted it to go.

Chris finally piped up, changing the subject completely as technical discussions weren’t really his forte, “We will need a company name! How about Grim Monkey Technologies?”

Alexander shot a smile at Chris as he sat back in his seat. All three of them were now facing away from the computer interface tables, looking at the center of the room, and at each other.

“Honestly, I don’t care what we call it. We might end up making multiple companies, so you can name the storage technology one, Chris. I don’t mind, and it will lend credence to the start-up vibe of it all.”

Matthew looked at Alexander with a less than approving scowl which he ignored. Alexander knew there was too much to do for him to worry about hurt feelings. Advanced computing technology, miniaturization, power technology, transportation, communication, and more were all about to be revolutionized. There were certain things that he had planned to keep to himself, but he was excited, more so than he had ever been about anything in his life, and a company name wasn’t the most important aspect of his plan.

“So Grim Monkey Technologies it is.” Chris said with an ear to ear grin.

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