Dissecting Tech – Page 10

As Alexander filled in Chris, he kept looking at his brother for verification and Matthew just kept nodding. Unlike Matthew, Chris seemed to take the news quite well, and when Alexander got to the brain implant story, he paused awaiting a shocked response, like the one he had received from Matthew.

“Cool, can I have one too?” Came the chipper voice of the youthful Chris.

With everyone seated, Alexander felt ready to start the next part of his plan. He turned to the computer, and looking down at the table in front of him, a great deal of data started filling washing over it. Facts and figures about the technology on the ship, historical documents about how technology got to the level of that held in the ship, and even information relating to technology that wasn’t part of the ship. The information moved faster and faster, some pouring directly into Alexander’s mind, and others being displayed on the table in front of him.

A few moments passed before Chris broke the silence, “So can I at least get some cool space suit or something?”

His pajama pants, and t-shirt didn’t really look like they belonged. In fact, Alexander stopped the data transmission looked at Chris, Matthew and himself and realized that none of them looked like they belonged, and part of what made the science fiction shows of his youth so interesting was the uniforms they wore.

“Okay, there is information in here regarding the standard uniforms worn. You guys want one?”

Both of his cousins nodded in approval. The blue lighting on the tables faded out, replaced with a strange shimmering. His cousins pushing themselves away from the tables, they all watched in stunned silence as the metal table looked like it was melting before slowly extruding what looked like a person. As the computer finished creating the uniforms, the tables went solid once again. Chris tapped on the uniform, looking like he expected it to vanish.

“Are these safe to put on?” he said grabbing the shirt that was lying out in front of him.

“Sure, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be.” Alexander replied.

The ship had created uniforms in exactly their correct sizes. Each uniform felt like a thin cotton shirt, and pants. Almost like pajamas, they fit snug, but comfortably. All three were a dark grey, with a small triangle band of red, yellow or blue on each one. Alexander chuckled at the colour coding, thinking back to playing video games as a child.

Matthew must have noticed the correlation as well, “So I’m guessing first player is red, second player is blue and third player is yellow?”

As they finished putting their uniforms on, a wave of confidence, comfort and control washed over Alexander. “This is going to be amazing, guys. I’m glad you are here for this.”

The ship started to rise, higher and faster. “Want to go to space?”

“Um, yeah!” Matthew responded. Chris was also nodding his head.

The entire front third of the ship became transparent and they could see out. The Earth was hundreds of kilometers below them. They could see the line between night and day as it turned slowly below them. Alexander was sitting in his seat above a transparent section of the ship, and while it felt odd to him, showing his cousins the marvels of the ship gave him a cool confidence.

“I would say we should try weightlessness, but I attempted to do that earlier and almost lost my supper all over this clean interior.”

Looking a little disappointed, Chris turned back to his station, and looked at the console in front of him. “So, what do I get to do?”

Walking over and standing over Chris’ shoulder, Alexander spoke softly, “My plan is to create a company that will start the next technological revolution. Imagine some of this stuff out there for everyone to use. What an amazing world we would live in. I shared this with you and your brother in hopes that you could help me build that company.”

“But do I get to blow anything up, or fly to another planet?”

Alexander smiled, “I’m sure we will find time to do both of those things at some point.”

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