Brother Accepted to the Canadian Forces

So, I found out the other day, I guess not long after he found out himself, that my brother has been accepted back into the Canadian Forces. Since I only really get to talk to him through Facebook, it took a bit to find out what trade he was going into, but I can now report that my brother will be an Naval Electronic Sensor Operator.

What is a Navel Electronic Sensor Operator?

Naval Electronic Sensor Operators (NES OP) are responsible for the operation of Radar and Radio detection devices, Radar Jamming Systems and Decoys, and gun/missile-firing equipment carried on major naval warships. As members of the ship’s Combat Team, they aid in detecting, locating and identifying friendly and enemy submarines, ships and aircraft. They also aid in the engagement of the enemy and in the defence of their own ship from all threats.

Details from the Canadian Forces Recruiting Website

I just wanted to add my congratulations to my brother, Daniel, and wish him my best as he begins his training in less than a month. I hope he does well, and enjoys himself. It will bring some growth to his life that working his current job would have never been able to do. And if he gets posted to the coasts, it will be somewhere I can stay when I travel out there in part to visit him, so that’s a bonus!

I’m glad you stuck with it Dan, and I look forward to hearing about all the cool things you get to do.

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