Dissecting Tech – Page 9

Alexander rubbed the back of his head. The thought of the implant being in his head was creepy to him as well, but he didn’t really want to show it. “Well, it does allow me to control the ship with my thoughts, and it allows the computer to send me information if I need it.”

Unlike Alexander who had been given the entirety of a night to adjust to the madness that was having access to the Resurrection, Matthew had only moments to take in everything.

Alexander tried to understand how Matthew was feeling and put a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s sit down for a bit, so you can soak all this in.”

Taking the front chair, Matthew sat at one of the two rear stations. Turning around, he noted the look of concern on Matthew’s face.

“What are you going to do with this ship?”

“Well, my plan is pretty simple. The message I got was that having this ship lead to the future the General lived in. My assumption is that I helped spur a new technological revolution. I am thinking that this ship could help me build a company that will not only make the world a better place, but maybe even help me have the life I’ve always wanted.”

“You are going to reverse engineer this ship?” Matthew paused to consider what that mean, and Alexander could almost see a light bulb appear over his head.”What if you break it?”

Laughing a forced maniacal laugh, Alexander put his finger to his temple and tapped a few times. “I won’t break it. All the information I need is right up here.”

“So then what do we do next?”

“Well, I want to go pick up your brother first.”

Surprised, Matthew’s voice squeaked slightly. “You are going to show him this as well?”

“There is one more station left.” Alexander said as he pointed to the empty seat to the right of Matthew.

“Well, if you are the Captain, then I’m your second in command and he’ll be the Ensign, right?”

In a sarcastic, placating tone, Alexander smirked and said, “Sure, whatever you say.”

Turning his chair around, Alexander looked at the transparent area at the front of the ship. “Hold on!”

The ship turned quickly, and while there was no g-forces within the ship, Alexander enjoyed knowing that his cousin probably tensed up.

The ship bolted straight up into the air. Alexander wasn’t touching any of the controls, but the ship was commanded to do various maneuvers that would be impossible in any other type of craft, just due to the limitations of the human body to handle such forces.

The view in front of the ship surged wildly, and it was a bit nauseating to watch as the clouds swirled, the horizon appeared, twisted and disappeared, and the ship continued to fly without an easy to track direction. Slowing down as they approached Matthew’s mother’s house, the ship perched itself less than fifty feet above the roof.

Alexander turned to look at his second in command, “Ready to go down?”

With an evil smirk on his face, Matthew responded, “Actually, can you just transport him aboard?”

The computer located the people within the house, fed the information into Alexander’s mind, where he was able to make a selection, and a moment later, Chris was aboard, seated in the remaining spot.

His orange, coppery hair slightly greasy, his fingers orange with the residue of cheese snacks, and in his hand, his favourite soda.

“Am I dreaming?” He paused and looked around the grey room, focusing in on his brother’s face, he continued. “Bro? Is that you? Where am I?”

Keeping a straight face, Matthew responded, “Ensign, you are late for your duty shift. Why aren’t you in uniform?”

Unable to hold it in any longer, Alexander exploded with laughter, and Matthew followed in kind. The continued confused facial expressions of the sixteen year old Chris only kept them laughing louder and longer than they otherwise would have.

Frustrated, Chris looked at Alexander, “No, seriously… what happened? I was playing a video game. I didn’t even get to save.”

His comments only bolstered the laughter in the small room, and it took minutes before Alexander or Matthew could speak an entire word without cracking up and laughing once again.

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