Delivered Groceries Help Weight Loss

Since it started getting warm out, I decided that walking to the grocery store every two or three days wasn’t smart for my comfort or sanity and instead found a grocery store that delivers. I knew that there would be an extra cost, and while groceries are already expensive, I knew that for the amount and type of food that I wanted to start eating, it was the best way to do things.

Thankfully, the Metro Glebe delivers right to my door. Their online interface for ordering is easy enough, and they are pretty good about picking good produce, a worry that Tom had when talking to me.

The biggest advantage, one that I didn’t even consider is how it would effect my eating habits. It is so much easier to avoid junk food when you are looking at ordering from a computer screen. The Metro Glebe ordering system doesn’t even have images in their ordering system. I have nothing to tempt me to make an impulse buy and purchase junk food. I am not bombarded by advertising or smells relating to food that I shouldn’t have.

I never thought that I was so easily effected by advertising, but I am fairly weak willed, and avoiding problems when I can, especially ones related to my weight seems like a good idea. The biggest tradeoff is that I am not forced to walk to the grocery store and back multiple times a week. Thankfully, the rest of my schedule keeps me moving almost every day.

Anything that makes eating healthier easier, right?

One response to “Delivered Groceries Help Weight Loss”

  1. Too AWESOME!!! Good for you! I will research if they have something like that here and if not I’ll suggest it. You are so right about “Anything that makes eating healthier easier, right? ” I’m going to start thinking about that too.
    I love you!

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