120 Gigs of SD Memory

After purchasing my new camera, I realized that I now have 120 gigabytes of secure digital storage, not including the 32GB of micro-SD in my phone. I remember when having that kind of storage in any format seemed impossible, or at least hugely expensive.

I have the following:

  • 3x 32GB Cards
  • 1x 16GB Card
  • 1x 8GB Card

Shooting RAW means that each file can be as much as 30MB of space, so having a bunch of storage can be super helpful, especially for amateurs like myself. Thankfully, SD memory is relatively inexpensive, even at the higher speed classes.

Having this much invested in this type of memory though is part of why I am uninterested in camera equipment that doesn’t use this form of storage. So you’ll never see me with a Sony camera, or the current Canon 7D. (I am super hopeful that the 7D replacement has SD storage)

I probably don’t need to buy any more SD memory for a little while, what do you think?

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