Still Amazed by Gravity Forms

You would think that after a month and a half of working with rocketgenius supporting their (or our?) Gravity Form plugin, I would be less amazed by the near magic it creates within WordPress, but thankfully, the users I’ve been supporting continue to find new and interesting ways to twist Gravity Forms into meeting their needs, and as they do, I feel like I’m continuing to watch as the outer limit of the universe expands.

Gravity Forms is such an amazing add-on for WordPress, and while there are theme and plugin conflicts, the software continues to be flexible, expandable, user friendly, and unique in the market place.

Of course, doing support isn’t always the most challenging job, but the courteous customers, friendly community, and the strange things users want Gravity Forms to do, keeps each day feeling unique and interesting. As I expand my knowledge of Gravity Forms, I wonder, “is there anything this plugin can’t do with some customization through hooks and add-ons?”

If you run a site, and are interested in collecting any kind of data from your users, I recommend you try it out, and if you have any issues with it, you’ll know someone in support, and if I can’t help you, I have the ear of those that can.

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