Writing PHP Code Again

I have decided to start a “less than secret” secret project, and it requires me to code some PHP again, something I haven’t done a great deal of in the last year or two.

Last night, I worked on over two hundred lines of code, reading tutorials as I went about the functions and features I wanted to use. I got stuck on some regex stuff, or what Tom calls “spell casting”, but I ended up getting something that will work well enough for me.

I am hopeful that I can get the entirety of the project done before the end of June. All this work is just to make my life easier, but at the same time it is exciting to be back into coding. I enjoy coding my own things because I can control the feature set, and how I want to tackle things.

It doesn’t help that my skills aren’t really up to the snuff so I have to do a lot of learning and re-learning as I progress, but it makes me feel good to create something from nothing, and know that it works and exists because of my imagination and effort.

There is some great support from my neighbor Tom on creating the application, which is always helpful. I know that I lack the drive to follow through on projects, especially ones that could become difficult, but with this one, as long as I’m able to reach my first goal point: a working prototype that isn’t ugly with the features I initially determined, then I will consider the project a success.

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