Gaming This Summer

I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but I’ve basically decided to take the summer off from gaming, and as such, I haven’t been playing Star Wars, Minecraft or League of Legends. I’ve been trying to focus more of my time and attention on other things, and it was a smart thing to do as I moved to a new city, changed jobs, and got myself involved with a web series production.

Every now and again I play a round or two of something with Kyle or Mark, but for the most part I’m avoiding the time suck that is gaming.

I am hoping that this fall, after things start to settle and the weather gets cooler, that I’ll start up again. Tom and I talked today about Minecraft and how much will have changed by the time we are able to spend time playing it again. It will almost be an entirely new game by that point and I’m looking forward to it.

Sometimes it is hard to avoid playing games as they are a great source of entertainment and a spot to both vent frustration and be creative, but I have so many other creative projects on my plate right now, I don’t think I’m missing out on much.

If you play a fair amount of games, turn it around, take the summer off with me, and see all the things you can get done with that “extra” time that is returned to you. Read some books, do your hobby, and learn something new. You don’t have to stop forever, but the summer is the time to spend socializing, attending events, getting some sun, and enjoying your time away from work in a different way than any other season.

I hope this summer is a great one for everyone. I hope to blog more as one of my time uses that I’ve earned back by not gaming so much.

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